Nice to know how you really feel

The person who posted this on Facebook loves to post patriotic and right-wing materials.  They consider themselves to be the purveyor of the “true” ideas of what should be our ideas and thought about our country.  They regularly post pictures of undocumented migrant being apprehended along the Arizona border with Mexico.  Often […]

Really despicable nonsense

I haven’t been posting about the awfulness of the gun “debate” on Facebook since the Buffalo NY supermarket racist shooting.  But the Uvalde TX Robb Elementary massacre brought out more stupid and reprehensible memes that are designed to show how thoughtful the poster is.  I ignore most of them, and this one […]

Hernandez and Engel Democratic Party Candidates for AZ CD6

Daniel Hernandez and Kirsten Engel are running for the Democratic Party nomination in the redrawn US Arizona congressional district 6.  Both are outstanding candidates who will face a more significant challenge in the new CD6 which now is more evenly balanced between Republicans and Democrats.  At this point in the campaign  both […]

If you think Wordle(r) is too easy

For those of you who can do Wordle in under three minutes, try this.  All I can say is that the best I have done is 22 boards out of 32.  Update:  I got 32.  Don’t try this on your phone, it needs a large screen to play.  Plan for at least […]