A big change

I'm on my way this afternoon to the Sierra  Vista animal shelter to see about adopting a dog.  It's been 50+ years since I had a dog.  I'm excited and ready.  More later!

America or Trump

Time to pick a side

Washington Post Columnist Paul Waldman writes "No one can be neutral any longer." Choose between America and democracy or Trump and authoritarianism.

I choose Democracy.  Remember those Republicans that choose Trump.  Enough! There needs to be consequences for their betrayals.

Arizona GOP Tries to Steal the Election

Hypocrisy from the defenders of freedom

Top officials of the 15 Republican county committees want a special session — and soon — to order an audit of the machinery used to count ballots. But only in Maricopa County. - From Capitol Times 11/17/2020

AZ Democrats - take notice and remember!


Adopting a dog ain’t easy

For the last few weeks I've been trying to adopt a dog.  I want a German Shepheard Dog, female.  Wow, the application was intense.  Lots of personal questions.  I had to send pictures of the yard, as well as picture of where the dog will sleep. No answer yet.


What can you say about Dr. Scott Atlas?  Sounds like he just encouraged violence in Michigan.

ABCnews.com - Scott Atlas under fire

Dr. Scott Atlas

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