Nice to know how you really feel

The person who posted this on Facebook loves to post patriotic and right-wing materials.  They consider themselves to be the purveyor of the “true” ideas of what should be our ideas and thought about our country.  They regularly post pictures of undocumented migrant being apprehended along the Arizona border with Mexico.  Often […]

Really despicable nonsense

I haven’t been posting about the awfulness of the gun “debate” on Facebook since the Buffalo NY supermarket racist shooting.  But the Uvalde TX Robb Elementary massacre brought out more stupid and reprehensible memes that are designed to show how thoughtful the poster is.  I ignore most of them, and this one […]

Inflation by any other name

The Facebook poster wants to make an amusing point about their view of the causes of inflation.  Apparently it has to do with corporate greed and related price gouging.  Ok that’s your opinion.  However, most if not all economists believe the causes of inflation are much broader and complex.  Including the war […]

Mexico wants its land back

Sometimes a simple graphic can get right to the point in a very humorous way.  Lately some on the right (that’s you Sen. Rand Paul and Fox host Tucker Carlson) think all Russia wants is to get back land that belonged to them.  Forget about history here, it is a rather stunning […]