The dog hunt: I’m getting a puppy!

After a search for a rescue German Shepherd dog (GSD) I decided to get a puppy.  I found a lovely breeder in Hereford, AZ and expect to get my puppy around the middle of February.  First time I have had a dog since I was a teenager.

Update on my hunt for a dog

Sierra Vista Animal Shelter

A disappointment this week.  The local animal shelter had a 3 year old female German Shepherd dog.  Turned out she wasn't right for me.  The staff at the shelter was great and so supportive of the animals and the public.  I'm considering my options.

A big change

I'm on my way this afternoon to the Sierra  Vista animal shelter to see about adopting a dog.  It's been 50+ years since I had a dog.  I'm excited and ready.  More later!

Adopting a dog ain’t easy

For the last few weeks I've been trying to adopt a dog.  I want a German Shepheard Dog, female.  Wow, the application was intense.  Lots of personal questions.  I had to send pictures of the yard, as well as picture of where the dog will sleep. No answer yet.

I needed a break from MSNBC

I thought the week up to the election was crazy, but watching the news on cable and reading about it was too much.  I needed to just enjoy something.  The Big Family Cooking Show on Netflix, a British import, made me smile.  Season 2 better than season 1.