Arizona GOP continues Coup Attempt

Republican state elected officials and others hold farce "hearing" - Remember their names

Rep. Mark Finchem, Rep. Kelly Townsend, GOP Party Chair Kelli Ward.  Finchem stated "...the people of the sate of Arizona demand, and in fact, are entitled to know whether their trust has been violated..." Agreed. you did it!

Trump wants a Coup

Shame on the Republican Party

Yesterday the President of the United States said "we have to run the election over."  He doesn't get to decide this.  The outrage is that not one elected official of the Republican Party publicly objected.  Don't forget this!

Arizona Republicans try to overturn Biden’s win

AZ Republican Party Chairwoman challenges the vote

Kelli Ward continued her attempt to stop the November 30 certification of the Arizona vote for president.  Not one state Republican elected official has objected.  Ask every Republican official do they agree with this attempt to steal the election.  Silence equals complicity!

False Equivalency – Gore and Trump

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy on Trump contesting the 2020 election

Ruddy, claims Al Gore did the same thing in the 2000 election.  Nope.  The Gore campaign contested a razor-thin margin of 537 votes in one state, Florida which would decide who would be president.  They never claimed fraud.

America or Trump

Time to pick a side

Washington Post Columnist Paul Waldman writes "No one can be neutral any longer." Choose between America and democracy or Trump and authoritarianism.

I choose Democracy.  Remember those Republicans that choose Trump.  Enough! There needs to be consequences for their betrayals.