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Thoughts and ramblings on current politics in Cochise County, Arizona

Disclaimer:  I used to consider myself a liberal Democrat.  In fact I have run to Arizona State Representative (2018) and Arizona State Senate (2020) as a Democrat.  As the terms "liberal", "moderate", and "progressive" have undergone some redefinition in recent years as the Democratic Party has moved a bit more to the left, I'm going to label myself as somewhere on the moderate to liberal spectrum.  As with many people, I don't easily fall into one label.  I think that's the way it should be.

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Sierra Vista Mayor’s race off to a slow start

The city of Sierra Vista will elect a new mayor this November.  As of 4/15/2022 there are four declared candidates for the position.  Declaring does not mean they will be on the November ballot.  Each still needs to get approximately 700 voter signatures on their candidate petitions.  They are: Steve Conroy Rachel […]