Sierra Vista Mayor’s race off to a slow start

Lack of information about Sierra Vista candidates

The city of Sierra Vista will elect a new mayor this November.  As of 4/15/2022 there are four declared candidates for the position.  Declaring does not mean they will be on the November ballot.  Each still needs to get approximately 700 voter signatures on their candidate petitions.  They are:

Steve Conroy
Rachel Gray
Clea McCaa II
Casey Mellen

Gray is well-known here in Sierra Vista.  She has been a member of the Sierra Vista City Council for ten years, and currently serves as Mayor-Pro Tem.  She has a record and some controversy in her time on the council.  She has been active on the Council and in the community.

The other three are virtually unknown to the general public.  McCaa does have a Facebook page up. From his Facebook page he is described as Minister (Christianity) at Church Of God In Christ, Inc.  The other two I could not find any reference to them when doing a Google search.

A note about the term "unknown" above.  I'm referring to any political information such as a campaign page or website, stands on issues or information about their campaign.  I did find a Facebook page for Steve Conroy, but nothing about his campaign.  Nothing on Casey Mellen.  Rachel Gray has a Facebook page you can also find her on Twitter.

The city of Sierra Vista is a city manager form of government.  The city is run by the city manager, who is hired by the City Council.  The mayor chairs council meetings, but does not vote unless there is a tie.  However, the mayor certainly can set the tone for politics and governance in the city as well as being the representative of the city's interests with other local, state and federal officials.

These races are usually a low information sort of affair.  I hope we can do better this year.

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