Crazy as seen on Facebook

Facebook posts that made me nuts!

Everybody likes to complain about Facebook and say they spend too much time on it while they are scrolling through pictures of cats, babies, and various ads.  I was never much into Facebook until I ran for public office in Arizona.  I spent a lot of time designing a campaign website using WordPress where I could put lots on policy papers and posts about the campaign.  My consultant thought that was a waste of time.  "Everybody is on Facebook", he intoned with a measure of absolute certainty.  So I started to use my Facebook account to create a campaign page.

Now I'm sort of stuck, I do some stuff on there and my feed brings me all sorts of delights.  Some of it is very good, reviews of local restaurants, mentions of television shows on TV channels and streaming platforms, recipes and YouTube cooking demonstrations.  But then there is the "crazy".  Mostly political although some really stupid "games".  This page includes some posts that got my attention for various reasons that will be noted in the post.

I hope to be "fair and balanced" by presenting stuff from all sides of the political spectrum.  But I tend to be a liberal Democrat, so this might skew with more from the crazy right than the crazy left.

Respectful comments encouraged.  Name calling will not make it on here.