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Socialism vs. capitalism in two sentences

Sometimes someone wants to share something that makes a point, often humorously.  Because users tend to scroll quickly through social media content, the best posts are those that catch your attention as soon as you see it.  Socialism seems to be the scourge of the right at the moment.  They throw around the label at almost anyone or anything.  This post has shown up on my Facebook feed several times.

It IS funny.  It brought together several concepts, socialism versus capitalism as well as one institution that we all hold in high regard, the fire department, and one we will like to hate, insurance companies.

It makes the point so, no problem?

Well, actually there is a small problem.  Socialism doesn't really apply to government services such as police and fire departments.  You can make a case that a government taking over insurance companies or insurance programs, such as Medicare or ACA policies is socialism.  Probably not about the fire department.

You can see from this definition found by a quick Google search, s0cialism refers to the ownership of the resources and means of production.  Nationalizing the oil industry would be a probable "socialist" act.

Therefore the amusing attempt to use the fire department and insurance company in a comparison to between socialism and capitalism is amusing but not that profound.


Rating: 1 clown - amusing


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