Inflation by any other name

I see your point but, no.

The Facebook poster wants to make an amusing point about their view of the causes of inflation.  Apparently it has to do with corporate greed and related price gouging.  Ok that's your opinion.  However, most if not all economists believe the causes of inflation are much broader and complex.  Including the war in Ukraine (wheat, natural gas, and oil supplies), pent up demand, supply chain issues, labor issues, and yes, possibly limited price gouging which almost always means greed.

On the corporate greed front, let's go after the obscenely inflated salaries of corporate CEOs.  That is the real greed.

Although the post shows a view point, let's leave the definitions of something as well-known as inflation, to the experts.  Let's keep calling it inflation and calling instances of corporate greed just that.




Rating:  1 clown, amusing.

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