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The person who posted this on Facebook loves to post patriotic and right-wing materials.  They consider themselves to be the purveyor of the "true" ideas of what should be our ideas and thought about our country.  They regularly post pictures of undocumented migrant being apprehended along the Arizona border with Mexico.  Often sitting with handcuffs on in the dirt along a dirt road in Cochise County.

Now this poster has shared the lovely sentiment expressed painted on the back window of a car.

One wonders when was "once" in the sentence "I was once willing to give my life for what I believed this country stood for."  Exactly when was that?  The 1950's, 60's, when Trump was president?  I'm just asking.

Then we have the wonderful hashtag  #FJB.  I think you can figure that one out.  OK, not the best political discourse, but I get you don't like him.

But the next sentence is the grabber.  "Today I'd give my life to protect my family from what this country has become."  First up, what exactly has this country "become" that threatens your family that you are willing to die?  This sort of language is the language of insurrection and civil war.  If left protestors used this language, the right would be all over it, and they would have good reason!

I wonder if the poster actually thought about the message before posting it.  My worry is that they did.

But I have a final retort to this.  Going back to the 1960s and 70s when the anti-Vietnam war movement was very active.  The "true patriots" had a lovely saying "my country, love it or leave it".  Maybe it's time for you to find another locale, such as Russia.

A last thought, is it legal to put that much stuff on your back window?

Rating:  3 clowns - disturbing call to violence

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