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Clever shifting to racist blame game

I haven't been posting about the awfulness of the gun "debate" on Facebook since the Buffalo NY supermarket racist shooting.  But the Uvalde TX Robb Elementary massacre brought out more stupid and reprehensible memes that are designed to show how thoughtful the poster is.  I ignore most of them, and this one wasn't the worst by far, but it got to me for it's stupidity implied racism and shifting the blame onto totally unrelated groups of people.

The poster is "sick" of people saying cops need more training.  How is that a bad thing.  It isn't even anti-police.  It's pro-police.  Giving more training to overwhelmed police forces is one step in helping them face the intense pressure of crime in America today.  The next part is a very clever "rant" that starts out telling "you" that you could train your child not to "steal, shoot, stab" OK pretty serious crimes, but then we get to the heart of it "burn down buildings, laser peoples eyes, flip cars, block traffic (bold added for emphasis), and attack other people".  So the poster has now let us know how they really think.

Doesn't this sound like a video clip of the Black Lives Matters protests as seen on Fox New?  The poster will answer, yes because that's what happened.  OK, I'm not going to argue about selective versions of events, but let's get real here.  By the way the blocking traffic is the one I really like.  Remember those Patriot Trucker protests up in DC? Did you complain about them?

The post ends with the "police didn't fail you, you failed your child."

Exactly who is the "you" in this screed?  The parents of the 19 school children killed in Uvalde?

That seems to be your point, somehow shifting this terrible tragedy away from the gun debate and possibly some mistakes made by law enforcement, on to the "other", parents of Hispanic school children?  Timing is everything, this post appeared today.

Rating:  4 clowns for reprehensible

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