Streaming platforms: proceed with caution

You might want to wait before you subscribe to CNN+

A cautionary tale about streaming platforms.  CNN+, less than a month old will close down at the end of April.  Read more about it on

I was sort of interested in it, but I'm not a regular viewer of CNN, more MSNBC.  But I had thought let's wait and see if the merger of Discovery with TimeWarner media creates one large streaming platform with HBOMax, Discovery+ and CNN all in one place.  Apparently others, including the new management of TimeWarner.Discovery thought the same thing.

There are way too many streaming platforms.  It's pretty easy to have Netflix and Amazon Prime isn't that much of a stretch since you get free shipping from  After that it gets interesting.  I know a lot of people with kids have Disney+ (it also includes ESPN I believe).  I tried HBOMax to binge watch Game of Thrones when it ended.  But then got rid of it.  I do have AcornTV for British mystery and related shows.  Now I find that Britbox has a lot of that content that I would like to see.  I also thought about Paramount+  (a lot of these streaming platforms like to use +} but there are only two shows on it at the moment I want to watch.

Ugh, too many choices.  You can always cancel after sampling.  Just pay attention to what you have the shifting exclusive deals on content that interests you.

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