Which one is the fake?

I bought a knockoff

A month or so ago I got a cryptic email message from Amazon saying that I had purchased a fake product.  I should immediately stop using it and they would give me a complete refund.  I thought the email was a scam.  Turned out it wasn't.  In February 2021, when I got Zeus my at-the-time 3 year old German Shepherd Dog, I did what every new dog owner does, I ran out and got a lot of stuff for him.  This included a highly recommended (on various GSD sites) a Furminator grooming brush to remove he massive amounts of coat and undercoat.

Amazon had it and I ordered it.  Turned out it was a knockoff.  I didn't know it, but a year later, Amazon let me know that it was.  They refunded the original purchase price and suggested that I throw the product away.  Good for them.

I wanted the "real" product, went back on to Amazon and found it.  Now the product includes a Authentication label as part of the description.  Watching Shark Tank you hear about knockoffs all the time.  I wonder what the manufacturer of this product had to go through to get it removed from Amazon and other marketplace platforms.


I have never run into the situation previously.  This was totally unexpected.  Now I know to look at even the most mundane items to see if they are indeed what they say they are.

By the way, the brush on the right is the fake.  (I think.)

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