Fish or Mermaid?

These sort of “fun” optical illusions show up all the time on Facebook.  I was scrolling quickly and before I even read the headline I saw a donkey.  The poster saw a rabbit. Guess I don’t have any brain! Rating:  1 clown – amusing

Investment Advice

I love this.  Investment advice on Facebook is always a winner.  Now we can add a layer of British snob appeal by connecting Downton Abbey to gin brewing.  Of course a picture of “the world’s most famous castle” Highclere Castle, where exterior scenes of Downton Abbey were shot, makes the gin worth […]

A quick guide to socialism

Sometimes someone wants to share something that makes a point, often humorously.  Because users tend to scroll quickly through social media content, the best posts are those that catch your attention as soon as you see it.  Socialism seems to be the scourge of the right at the moment.  They throw around […]

Gun control: Maine vs Chicago

On Facebook there are a lot of posts of various statistics used to make a point.  Here the person posting (from now on called the poster) seems to be claiming that Maine is the safest state in the USA while Chicago is a war zone of violence and therefore gun control laws […]