I needed a break from MSNBC

I thought the week up to the election was crazy, but watching the news on cable and reading about it was too much.  I needed to just enjoy something.  The Big Family Cooking Show on Netflix, a British import, made me smile.  Season 2 better than season 1.

Things that keep me up at night (Part 1)

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“There’s less than 30,000 votes in Georgia and Arizona dividing Biden and Trump. And if those two states turn, if they do, then the Supreme Court could make the decision on Pennsylvania. And then Trump is president." — Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
This nutcase will likely be governor of Texas at some time in the future. So much for Democracy.

Payback is a good thing

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Dems - stop taking the "high road". I believe in payback. Keep a list of Republicans who won't acknowledge Biden won the election. Don't forget who they are. Then get even! #Wewillnotforget
Suggest additions to the list using comments below.