AZ Republican House Speaker faces reality

Speaker Rusty Bowers gets it right

"...I cannot and will not entertain a suggestion that we violate current law to change the outcome of a certified election.", said Bowers, turning down attempts by two Republican legislators to overturn elections results in favor of Trump.  It's not an entire profile in courage, Bowers wants an "audit" of voting machines.

From USAToday.


Arizona Republicans try to overturn Biden’s win

AZ Republican Party Chairwoman challenges the vote

Kelli Ward continued her attempt to stop the November 30 certification of the Arizona vote for president.  Not one state Republican elected official has objected.  Ask every Republican official do they agree with this attempt to steal the election.  Silence equals complicity!

America or Trump

Time to pick a side

Washington Post Columnist Paul Waldman writes "No one can be neutral any longer." Choose between America and democracy or Trump and authoritarianism.

I choose Democracy.  Remember those Republicans that choose Trump.  Enough! There needs to be consequences for their betrayals.