Hernandez and Engel Democratic Party Candidates for AZ CD6

Both great candidates

Daniel Hernandez and Kirsten Engel are running for the Democratic Party nomination in the redrawn US Arizona congressional district 6.  Both are outstanding candidates who will face a more significant challenge in the new CD6 which now is more evenly balanced between Republicans and Democrats.  At this point in the campaign  both seem to be in the moderate middle of the Democratic Party.  Each gets the important points on health care, reproductive rights, education, and voting rights correct, supporting where the national party is on the issues.

There seem to be subtle differences on immigration and the unfolding crisis with inflation.  From my perspective neither says anything that alarms me, although Hernandez wanting a "gas tax holiday" from state gas tax collections gives me some pause.  Rural Arizona, which a good deal of CD6 is in needs every gas tax dollar it can get to maintain vast county roads that are already in poor condition.

I have met Hernandez and find him personable, likeable, smart and informed.  He has served well in the Arizona legislature.  I do not know Engel, but have heard excellent things about her.

If you are a subscriber to the Arizona Republic, read more about each of them here.

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