Why flipping the Arizona Legislature matters

Why Flip the Arizona Legislature? By Bob Karp Imagine a state legislature that wants a total ban on abortion, that will not protect the right to IVF or contraception services.  That will not fund public schools at a level required by a law or ignores the will of the voters and expands private school vouchers. […]

Track you mail-in ballot

Worried if your mail-in ballot was received by your county Recorder’s office?  Did your signature on the envelope match what the county has on record?  Now you can be notified of every step along the way to your ballot being counted.  sign up for automated notification by email or text message.   BallotTrax.com is used […]

Arizona lawmakers approve ballot proposition language

From AZMirror.com “Arizona lawmakers approved of the descriptions that will be printed on November ballots for a multitude of questions that will be posed to voters this fall after a long and sometimes contentious debate on Monday. Lawmakers are required to authorize the language drafted by their in-house attorneys that describes the legislative referrals and […]

Republicans attempt to slant proposition ballot language

This is how Republicans in the Arizona Legislature undercut the will of the voters. They slant ballot proposition language to their political view. Most of these battles go on without the public knowing, this time not so fast! The suit is over the term “unborn human person” rather than the medically accepted “fetus” in the […]

Arizona Clean Elections Commission 2024 Compass Survey

2024 Clean Elections Compass Questionnaire Note: Due to space limitations on the Compass website, the online version has been edited.  The document on this website is the complete answer to each question, but may differ slightly from the internet version.    

Congressman Ciscomani has doubts about HCR2060

Really? Here’s the Herald/Review article.  (Behind the paywall) An excerpt: “SIERRA VISTA – The need for a proposed law that would allow Arizona cops to arrest undocumented migrants caught illegally in the state, is dire, said U.S. Congressman Juan Ciscomani, but the financial dent and logistical strain such legislation would leave on local law enforcement […]

Politico lists Arizona as #1 battleground for state legislatures

Politico thinks Arizona is the #1 state to watch this November. “From the presidential race all the way down the ballot, Arizona is arguably the most important state in the 2024 election. And among all the toss-up races in Arizona, the tightest fight is found at the state Legislature: Republicans hold a one-seat majority in […]