Congressman Ciscomani has doubts about HCR2060

Commentary by Bob Karp

Here's the Herald/Review article.  (Behind the paywall)
An excerpt:
"SIERRA VISTA - The need for a proposed law that would allow Arizona cops to arrest undocumented migrants caught illegally in the state, is dire, said U.S. Congressman Juan Ciscomani, but the financial dent and logistical strain such legislation would leave on local law enforcement presents a conflict.

Ciscomani, a Republican who is running for reelection for his seat representing Arizona’s 6th District, said recently that the policy behind the proposed law - known as HCR 2060 or the Secure the Border Act - is what’s needed to stave off the illegal flow of migrants streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border. But the stress that would create for local police and sheriffs is unwelcome.

Already a handful of local law enforcement, as well as some mayors, have stressed that they are against the bill, which is going in front of Arizona voters on Nov. 5.

Additionally, the state’s League of Cities and Towns issued a lengthy letter voicing their opposition."
Is this having it both ways? Yes, let's do it, but now that various mayors and law enforcement say it's an unfunded mandate (we know Republicans hate unfunded mandates), maybe this isn't the right way.

YOU HAD A CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING. You could have voted to pass the US Senate bipartisan bill in the house. You did not! Wringing your hands isn't going to work. Neither is HCR2060!

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