More Continuing Resolutions (CRs) for the AZ November ballot

Republicans in the Arizona legislature referred five more to the November ballot

With these five, we now have an astounding 13 ballot referrals appearing on the November ballot.  Here are the most recent:

Note:  I will have comments on all 13 of the ballot measures as soon as final language is provided by the Arizona Secretary of State's Office.

SCR1012: rulemaking; legislative ratification; regulatory costs
Will ask voters to require legislative approval for any regulations that a state government office implements that will cost businesses money.
SCR1023: general election day; all offices
Will ask voters to bar cities, towns and school districts from holding their own local elections outside of the November election. That one still needs final approval from the Senate.
SCR1041: ballot measures; challenges
Will ask voters to allow people to file constitutional challenges to citizens initiatives before they even qualify for the ballot.
SCR1012:  Regulatory rules
 asking voters to ban Arizona agencies from creating rules that would increase regulatory costs, and instead require the Legislature to put the proposed rule into law.
SCR1023: Election days for cities and school districts
asking voters to amend the Arizona Constitution to require cities and school districts to hold their elections on general election days only.
SCR1040:  Minimum wage for tipped employees
asking voters to amend the Arizona Constitution to create a subminimum hourly wage for tipped employees that is up to 25% lower than statutory minimum wage.
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