Bob’s statement in the Arizona Voter Information Pamphlet for LD19

Why Bob Karp is running for Arizona State Senate

Statement included in the Arizona Voter Information Pamphlet for LD19

I am running for Arizona State Senate legislative district 19 because I believe that democracy is best served by a vigorous discussion of the issues facing our state government.  For too long opposing viewpoints are routinely ignored by our state elected officials. A strong multi-party system helps ensure that those in power are held accountable by the voters.
Arizona state government must Invest in public education that guarantees ALL students in Arizona outstanding schools,  build a modern infrastructure; stop tax breaks to special interests; allow local governments to govern; support economic fairness; champion diversity and inclusion, create an environment for sustained economic growth that provides good jobs and good pay checks for workers in rural Arizona while protecting our precious natural resources and environment; protect a women’s reproductive healthcare.
If elected, I will work hard as your state representative to be a voice for southeastern Arizona counties of Cochise, Greenlee, Graham. Santa Cruz and Pima.
I pledge to listen to everyone, respecting those that do not agree with me, representing all of you, ethically, honestly, effectively and professionally.
Republicans have controlled the state legislature for over three decades.  It is time for new responsible  leadership in southeastern Arizona.
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