What’s the message for Democrats in the midterms?

The Democrats don’t seem to know what their message should be with only 7 months before the November midterm elections.  The debate, if there is one, focuses on telling what they have done for the public in the first two years of the Biden administration (pandemic funding – those $1400 checks, infrastructure, […]

Which one is the fake?

A month or so ago I got a cryptic email message from Amazon saying that I had purchased a fake product.  I should immediately stop using it and they would give me a complete refund.  I thought the email was a scam.  Turned out it wasn’t.  In February 2021, when I got […]

Streaming platforms: proceed with caution

A cautionary tale about streaming platforms.  CNN+, less than a month old will close down at the end of April.  Read more about it on CNN.com. I was sort of interested in it, but I’m not a regular viewer of CNN, more MSNBC.  But I had thought let’s wait and see if […]

Sierra Vista Mayor’s race off to a slow start

The city of Sierra Vista will elect a new mayor this November.  As of 4/15/2022 there are four declared candidates for the position.  Declaring does not mean they will be on the November ballot.  Each still needs to get approximately 700 voter signatures on their candidate petitions.  They are: Steve Conroy Rachel […]