Meet Zeus

Zeus is my "pandemic" dog.  I adopted him in February 2021 after his former owner passed away.  He is a male German Shepherd Dog (GSD)  (sort of guessed that from the name?) 5 1/2 years old, weighs about 100 pounds and is well trained, unless he sees a rabbit.  He spends his day in and out of the house.  He is not a barker, until a vehicle passes by on our walks.  He also knows the sound of the Fedex and UPS trucks and watches for them from the backyard.
Since I'm single, Zeus makes a great companion as all dog lovers know.  He does not have a lot of experience travelling in the car.  I have been sticking fairly close to home these last three years.  I do plan to bring him on some of my campaign trips.  If you see us out, please stop and say hello, he is very friendly.