Meet Zeus

Zeus is my "pandemic" dog.  I adopted him in February 2021 after his former owner passed away.  He is a male German Shepherd Dog (GSD)  (sort of guessed that from the name?) 6 years old, weighs about 100 pounds and is well trained, unless he sees a rabbit.  He spends his day in and out of the house.  He is not a barker, until a vehicle passes by on our walks.  He also knows the sound of the Fedex and UPS trucks and watches for them from the backyard.
Since I'm single, Zeus makes a great companion as all dog lovers know.  He does not have a lot of experience travelling in the car.  I have been sticking fairly close to home these last three years.  I do plan to bring him on some of my campaign trips.  If you see us out, please stop and say hello, he is very friendly.

Coming Soon!  - Zeus will appear in an online primary election campaign ad.  Watch this page for more info.

Zeus is now campaigning for Anne Carl for Cochise County Recorder

Zeus celebrates Arizona's Statehood Day 2-14-24

Zeus at the park April 2024