DWSEA Meeting – 2-20-24 Sierra Vista AZ

Bill to include political jurisdictions on real estate listings

Silly season in the Arizona state legislature

Commentary by Bob Karp:  Why do members of the Arizona state legislature believe that it is a good idea to inject political information into the largest marketplace in the state, the residential real estate market?  Yes, it would be nice for people to know what congressional, supervisor, city council, state legislative district they reside in.  However, forcing residential property owners to provide the information is ridiculous.

We have something to find this sort of information:  Google!  Stop trying to take responsibility away from people to get the information that you want them to have.

Major investment and tech company coming to the Sierra Vista area

Arizona Commerce Authority announces Blackstar Orbital will invest $7.1 million to build a drone manufacturing   & test facility at the Sierra Airport.  The company indicates that up to 50 jobs will be created at the facility by 2026.
From the news release:  SIERRA VISTA, AZ (January 31, 2024) – BlackStar Orbital Technologies Corporation, headquartered on the Florida space coast, today announced the establishment of a new engineering and manufacturing facility in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Located at Sierra Vista Municipal Airport, the facility is set to be operational by 2026. This facility is poised to be a cornerstone for the development and production of the BlackStar Spacecraft, the company's innovative spaceplane-satellite hybrid.
Read more about it here.