Arizona lawmakers approve ballot proposition language

From “Arizona lawmakers approved of the descriptions that will be printed on November ballots for a multitude of questions that will be posed to voters this fall after a long and sometimes contentious debate on Monday. Lawmakers are required to authorize the language drafted by their in-house attorneys that describes the legislative referrals and […]

Republicans attempt to slant proposition ballot language

This is how Republicans in the Arizona Legislature undercut the will of the voters. They slant ballot proposition language to their political view. Most of these battles go on without the public knowing, this time not so fast! The suit is over the term “unborn human person” rather than the medically accepted “fetus” in the […]

Politico lists Arizona as #1 battleground for state legislatures

Politico thinks Arizona is the #1 state to watch this November. “From the presidential race all the way down the ballot, Arizona is arguably the most important state in the 2024 election. And among all the toss-up races in Arizona, the tightest fight is found at the state Legislature: Republicans hold a one-seat majority in […]

More Continuing Resolutions (CRs) for the AZ November ballot

With these five, we now have an astounding 13 ballot referrals appearing on the November ballot.  Here are the most recent: Note:  I will have comments on all 13 of the ballot measures as soon as final language is provided by the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. SCR1012: rulemaking; legislative ratification; regulatory costs Will ask […]

Arizona Agenda: Some good bills the passed and were signed by the governor this session

April 22, 2024 More campaign finance reports: Statewide officeholders will now have to file campaign finance reports each quarter of all four years of their term, rather than only during one year of their term. That’s thanks to Senate Bill 1571, a strike-everything amendment to a bill from Republican Sen. T.J. Shope. Free police reports: Victims of domestic violence […]