6/18/24:  The Arizona Legislature ended the session on 6/15/24.    Below are issues that concern me and that I am watching since I entered the race in November 2023 for the Arizona State Senate in LD19.  Watch for additions to the list running up to the November 2024 general election.  The 1864 abortion ban has been repealed.  However, that leaves the 15 week ban adopted in 2022.  Arizona women do not have healthcare freedom.  Abortion access remains one of two major issues this November.
Just added Concurrent Resolutions (CRs) passed by both houses of the state legislature that will now appear on the November ballot as referendums that change Arizona law.  A total of 13 legislature referrals could be on the November ballot.  Final language will come after a few court challenges sometime after the July 30 primary.  I will have comments and my vote on all ballot measures in a separate post this September.