Herald/Review – Sulphur Springs Basin groundwater decline

From the Herald/Review article by Shar Porier:  “BISBEE — For years, people living within the Sulphur Springs Valley have endured an overwhelming problem as the decline of the groundwater has caused wells to go dry and they must make a difficult decision — drill deeper, find a new well location, truck in water or just […]

AZCIR – Groundwater regulation weakness

Groundwater regulation weaknesses exploited by industrial-scale agriculture by Brendon Derr, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting April 23, 2024 ELFRIDA, Ariz. — Elaine Bailey stood at the microphone at the Sunsites Community Center in southeastern Arizona, voice shaking as she described the massive scale of new agricultural development next to her property. The nearby fields have […]

AZCIR – Groundwater analysis

Our methods: Groundwater regulation weakness exploited by large farms by Brendon Derr, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting April 23, 2024 To understand the growth of active farmland and groundwater declines in the Douglas basin, AZCIR analyzed data from local and state agencies, including the Arizona Department of Water Resources, as well as satellite data compiled […]

AZCIR – Surge in well drilling

Whispers of groundwater regulations spur surges of deeper, higher-capacity wells by Brendon Derr, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting December 21, 2023 In 2022, when the southeastern Arizona community of Willcox confronted state regulations that would’ve halted new groundwater irrigation in the largely agricultural area, voters and special interest groups mobilized to defeat the ballot measure […]

HB2857 – Rural groundwater management

Sponsored by Chris Mathis (D) and Priya Sundareshan (D) NOTE: This bill did not pass This bill amends the Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to the management of groundwater in the state. The bill empowers the director of the Department of Water Resources to formulate plans and programs, investigate proposals and practices, collect information, and regulate […]