Just getting started

My campaign is just beginning, however you can help my campaign right now!

Sign my nomination petition online.  It's easy, all you need is your Arizona Driver's License.  Click on the link , above image  below.  It will take you to the Arizona State's Equal online system.
Sign the nomination petition
2.  Don't know if you can sign my petition?  The Equal system will only show those candidates whom you are allowed to sign.  If you are in my district, LD19, and are either a registered Democrat or not registered in another party, you should see my name in the list of candidates.

3.  Follow me on social media.  To do that click on any of the icons at the top of the page to go to Facebook, Twitter (X), or Threads.

4.  I'm running as a Clean Elections candidate which allows me to "earn" public financing later.  Learn more about Clean Elections here.  You can also donate to my campaign "seed money" so that I can buy essentials such as supplies, signs, literature until I qualify for public financing.  To contribute online, click the Donate button below or at the top of this page.