Bill to include political jurisdictions on real estate listings

Silly season in the Arizona state legislature

Commentary by Bob Karp:  Why do members of the Arizona state legislature believe that it is a good idea to inject political information into the largest marketplace in the state, the residential real estate market?  Yes, it would be nice for people to know what congressional, supervisor, city council, state legislative district they reside in.  However, forcing residential property owners to provide the information is ridiculous.

We have something to find this sort of information:  Google!  Stop trying to take responsibility away from people to get the information that you want them to have.

Arizona Free Enterprise Club files lawsuit to stop use of drop boxes

From Kjzz news By Ignacio Ventura  Nov. 27, 2023:  "A lawsuit has been filed against Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes over the use of drop boxes for voting. The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, which advocates for additional restrictions on voting, and a voter filed the suit.
In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs said using the drop boxes “is an illegal method of voting under Arizona law.”
On PBS’s “Arizona Horizon,” Secretary Fontes said this is an effort to restrict voting rights."
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Commentary by Bob Karp

I agree with Fontes' take on this, clearly voter suppression. It never stops from Republican-aligned groups. What are they afraid of? Losing an election because more people vote!  Everywhere we turn some organized group, often business interests in the state, are trying to keep people from voting.