About Arizona Clean Elections

What is a Participating Candidate

The Clean Elections Act provides a public funding program for statewide and legislative candidates who agree to forgo special interest and high dollar contributions. This allows participating candidates to directly connect with the voters in their district so they may raise a minimum number of qualifying contributions to receive public campaign funding.
Candidates who opt into the Clean Funding program are known as participating candidates. Participating candidates agree to adhere to the Act and Commission rules in return for receiving funding from the Citizens Clean Elections Fund.
A participating candidate is an individual who has decided to run in 2024 for a Statewide office or the Legislature, agrees not to accept special interest monies and adheres to the Citizens Clean Elections Act and commission rules. In return, the participating candidate will receive funding from the Citizens Clean Elections Fund. In order for a candidate to receive funding, the participating candidate must collect a specified number of $5 Qualifying Contributions from registered voters within his or her district for a legislative candidate or registered voters in Arizona for a Statewide candidate.
You can donate the $5 Qualifying Contribution by selecting the Donate $5 for Public Financing button to the right on this pageNote:  That period is now closed.
I'm running as a Clean Elections candidate.  I need to have 240 $5 qualifying contributions to receive approximately $51,000 in public financing.

12/9/23 - Benson, AZ Meet & Greet answering what running as a clean elections candidate means.