Survey Responses

Answers to candidate questionnaires

Various organizations such as the League of Women Voters, Ballotpedia, and Arizona Clean Elections ask candidates to fill out questionnaires.  Political interest groups such as the National Organization of Women, Sierra Club, Arizona Chamber of Commerce also send out endorsement questionnaires.
Below are my responses from the 2020 campaign and the current campaign to some of those groups.  As a policy I do not answer every query, I get between 30 and 40 of these each election and some have as many as 70 questions.  My time is better spent getting my views out directly to the votes.  I do not try to get endorsements even from groups that I respect.
I am providing this information for several reasons. To show my responses to questions which tend to be a bit more in-depth than short one minute answers at candidate forums.  Also, to let voters know while I have been consistent on most issues, I have modified or amplified my responses to certain questions as the situations have changed over the last four years.