More data on the Arizona ESA Voucher scam

Brookings Institute: Arizona’s ‘universal’ education savings account program has become a handout to the wealthy

From the article:
  • Recently, Republican lawmakers have created or expanded private-school choice programs to allow nearly all students, regardless of their individual need, access to public funding to attend private schools.
  • In Arizona, more advantaged communities are securing a highly disproportionate share of the funds from the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program.
  • Families in the poorest communities are the least likely to obtain ESA funds.
Commentary by Bob Karp -Great article on the Arizona ESA Voucher scam. It's a budget busting giveaway to the wealthy. I have indicated that when elected I would attempt to kill the program in its entirety, to start over with a  program as it was originally intended to help special needs students who cannot receive all the resources they need in their public schools.
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