Arizona Agenda: Some good bills the passed and were signed by the governor this session


April 22, 2024
  • More campaign finance reports: Statewide officeholders will now have to file campaign finance reports each quarter of all four years of their term, rather than only during one year of their term. That’s thanks to Senate Bill 1571, a strike-everything amendment to a bill from Republican Sen. T.J. Shope.
  • Free police reports: Victims of domestic violence and sexual crimes will no longer have to pay for their police reports after Hobbs signed Republican Sen. Shawnna Bolick’s SB1371, which will also speed up the records request process for victims.
  • Racist deed restrictions: If your house’s deed has one of those illegal “cannot be sold to non-whites” clauses, you can now get that ugly piece of history struck from the paperwork. Republican Sen. J.D. Mesnard’s SB1432 instructs county recorders to accept amendments from property owners to strike “unlawful and unenforceable” deed restrictions.
  • Affordable (mobile) housing: Mobile home residents are also getting some relief with a pair of new laws. Republican Rep. David Cook’s House Bill 2146 would block landlords from prohibiting people from installing air conditioning units on their mobile homes. Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Matt Gress’ HB2316 would let mobile home owners pull more from the state’s mobile home relocation fund, which will now cover up to 40% of the cost of moving the unit, up from 25%.
  • Drunk (Uber) driving: Lawmakers lowered the threshold for how much ride-share drivers can drink on the job. Republican Sen. John Kavanagh’s SB1025 puts Uber drivers on par with other commercial drivers, who can get a DUI charge for having 0.04% blood alcohol content, as opposed to the 0.08 limit for most drivers.
I haven't review all of the bills listed above, but Governor Hobbs signed them after a veto palooza.  I have had a few disagreements with the governor this session, but things can happen in the legislature if we can get past the crazy.  (Very hard to do that.)
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