Attorneys’ group defends AZ Supreme Court judges

Commentary by Bob Karp

This is not a big surprise. From the article:

"A group of veteran attorneys has organized to defend the process of how most judges in Arizona are selected and stand for reelection.

And they may raise some cash to keep Clint Bolick and Kathryn King on the Arizona Supreme Court.

The two justices have drawn a significant amount of attention and face a campaign by a political action group to deny them a new six-year term in November over their vote that allowed an 1864 abortion law to be enforced in Arizona."

There was no concern by these attorneys when Governor Ducey stacked the court by expanding it from 5 to 7. Now they are worried that given a chance, the voters may have a say in this charade of nonpolitical judges and the process that put them on the Arizona Supreme Court.

Read the Capitol Times article here
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