Liberty Water proposes a rate increase of up to 59%

Commentary by Bob Karp - why we need to elect Jonathan Hill, Ylenia Aguilar and Joshua Polacheck to the Arizona Corporation Commission

For those residents in the Sierra Vista, AZ area that have liberty utilities (water) service, previously Belle Vista Water, get prepared for an rate increase at the low end of approximately 33% to an astounding high end of about 59%!

Public notice to rate payers just went out in the mail.  It is four pages of detailed disclosure. Read it carefully, I did.  Here is what jumped out to me.  For just the Sierra Vista service area, Liberty is proposing a 32% increase.  The first page shows a rate for just the old Belle Vista area which includes some of Sierra Vista and many outlying areas as far Hereford, AZ.

The second page has an additional surcharge which brings that total to about 33%.  However, there is a consolidated rate.  This is Liberty asking for rates to be consolidated with other Liberty water districts outside the county.  If they do consolidate, the rate increase is an astounding 59%.  Which means the Liberty Bella Vista area pays an additional 26% to support rates in other districts.

There is a way to at least be heard on this issue.  The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold hearings on the rate application.  (See below)

You can also submit comments via the website.  (See above)
Currently there are four Republicans on the commission who are more friendly to the utilities' interests than consumers.  By electing Hill, Aguilar and Polacheck to the commission this November consumers would finally have the commission on their side.


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